A day in the life of webmaster support

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 5:08 PM

It was an ordinary Wednesday morning when I decided to film my day at the Googleplex...

A recap of the day's events

10AM Meeting with the webmaster support team
Our team shares a doc containing our current agenda and the previous meetings' agenda, minutes, and action items. In this meeting, we discussed:
  • Feedback from blog post on Duplicate content due to scrapers. Some webmasters suggested that we could improve our detection. In order to improve quality, it would help to get feedback with specific examples. Susan Moskwa, one of our Webmaster Trends Analysts based in Kirkland, Washington, volunteered to post a blog comment to solicit more information.

  • Recent and upcoming releases

  • JuneTune online chat agenda

  • Two recent spam techniques mentioned in the blogosphere. Brian White, who leads one of the Webspam-fighting groups at Google, explained that one technique is new twist on old idea, both are already handled.
11AM Meeting with Matt Cutts
Matt provided feedback on:
1PM Lunch with Shyam, a Crawl engineer, and Jason, and AdSense engineer

2PM Meeting with Wysz to review slides for Google Trifecta

5PM Little "drive-by" to catch Reid, Evan, Charlene, Jessica, and Wysz while they're monitoring the discussion group

7PM Dinner with Matthias

p.s. A huge thanks to Wysz for his film editing skillz.


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